Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Down's Syndrome Association Christmas Concert 2012

DSA Christmas 2012This is the second time for the Larondina Dance Company to be invited to perform at the Down's Syndrome Association's Christmas Concert at their national offices in Teddington. The venue was the Theatre Wing of the former home of Dr John Langdon Down, formerly known as Normasfield, which is a grade II listed building.



DSA-2012 BackstageThe turnout comprised mainly the members of the dance company and some of the students from the senior school. Alas, some dance members had other commitments or the journey was too arduous to undertake. Angelina and the dance members gathered early in a specially allocated off-stage room to get ready for their performances and have some light refreshments.

Other members eventually arrived just in the nick of time having struggled across the city and negotiaiting the unexpected traffic works on Twickenham railway bridge.

Just before their scheduled appearance at 8:30pm Angelina discovered to her horror, that the previous act Chilli Beans had come into the room and left with the CD of compiled songs for the special event. This crisis was announced to the attendant audience just after the interval, and with good fortune and good grace The Hampton Hill/ Teddington Rock Choir ( brought their performance forward. They give an excellent rendition of old favourites such as White Christmas and afforded enough time for Angelina to locate another CD and improvise some previous routines.

The dancers rose to the challenge and gave an excellent performance exhibiting such quality and aplomb. It was largely based on their ALBA Celebration 2012 performance at the Bolivar Hall for Latin American countries. The dances that were performed included:

Pomp and Circumstance
    (Performed by the Larondina Dance Company)
    (Performed by James Ball, David Simpson,  Rebecca Blackwell and Kate Powell)
    (Performed by Rebecca Blackwell and David Simpson)
Skiddly Do
    (Performed by the Kate Powell and Martin Wright)
    (Performed by Nick Kerrow
Candle on the Water
    (Performed by Jodie ??? and Antonio Swallens , Stephanie Newman and Anthony Casey, Shaida Ghorbanian and partner)

Despite the setbacks, the dance members were exemplary and received a very warm reception from the audience.

Carol Boys the Chief Executive of the DSA concluded the evening's festivities for another year.

1.      Pomp and Circumstance

               (Performed by the Larondina Dance Company)