Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Although some of the running costs and expenses are funded by tuition-fees for the Alessendre Special Needs Dance School and by earnings through performances by the Larondina Dance Company, they are, by no means, adequate for the survival, and effective running of either of them.

 Here are some of the estimated costs we need to cover and we welcome donations from any private or corporate source to help us achieve this.

  • To train teachers. This is a continuing expenditure and initially £1,000 per annum will be needed for training both those who already have dance training as well as those who have no formal training. Experience shows that 2 full days is required to give the early training to dance teachers. Those without experience obviously require more.
  • To repeat the earlier foreign trip. On the basis of our Moscow trip £6,000 is required to take 10 dancers abroad. This is felt to be a stimulating two-way experience for the dancers and their audience.
  • To subsidise dance classes for those who cannot afford to pay the fees (on benefits, single parents etc) and to help with payment for the hire of the hall. It is also worth underlining the social aspect of parents being able to meet during the Saturday classes. A continuing expense of £1,000 per annum.  
  • To purchase and maintain costumes, music and equipment necessary for the classes and shows. £250 per annum.
  • To subsidise the production of educational and promotional videos. The cost of this is about £5,000.

Anyone wishing to obtain full information on our income and expenditure together with complete promotion literature should apply to: Angelina Alessendre