Sunday, May 22, 2022
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What does ASNeeDS stand for?

ASNeeDS stands for "Alessendre Special Needs Dance School".

It may seem like the old saying "as needs must" but this is purely coincidental and has no other significance.


Are there other schools elsewhere?

Yes. After school classes are being held at Lindon Bennett School, Middlesex, where our syllabus is taught to children with a variety of disabilities, and a weekly class is held by a dance teacher in Rugby. Following a second trip to Russia on behalf of the English charity Downside Up, classes will be held at their centre next year. It is also hoped that two Russian special needs theatre groups will also begin classes. I am always glad to help anyone who would like to try to establish classes in other special needs schools in this country.


Who is the school for?

For those who have Down’s Syndrome or similar disability for the ages of approximately 5-30 years.


What curriculum do you use?

My own curriculum based on the work of Dr Ron Heavey MBE.


Does the school follow normal term times?

We follow the normal school term time as this is more convenient for the families. 


How do you fund yourselves?

The School charges tuition fees on a termly basis. The Larondina Dance Company is dependant on donations. A small amount of its running costs are raised by our own performances and performances organised by supporters and family members of the dancers. See the Funding page.


Have you been in the media?

Yes. On radio, local newspapers and videos. The Larondina Dance Company has been recorded at many events and their high point was to perform at Hyde Park for Pope Benedict 16th visit to England in 2010. See Press page.


Do you train other teachers?

Yes. This is vitally important to me to train others to carry on the curriculum and develop schools in other areas of the country and also abroad.


Could I start a similar school?

Yes you can. We would provide you with the guidance and training which will enable you to start your own classes. It is not expected that you should have any dance experience, but it would be helpful. It is more important to have a passion to help young people with learning disabilities and most importantly have bags of patience. It is a long process with tiny steps, but the path travelled is well worth the effort and you will get more out of the experience.


What are the main objectives of the school?

To give people with special needs the opportunity to realise their potentials, and so gain independence, confidence and self esteem, and to help them become better integrated in the community. It can also enable them to take paid employment. There are also other additional benefits that the families have mentioned in interviews such as

  • a community of families with shared experiences.
  • a social network for parents with children of different ages who share their knowledge and history.
  • the forging of life-long friendships.


How did the school get started?

Angelina took inspiration from her mentor Dr Ron Heavey and continued to develop his curriculum. 

See the article about Angelina Alessendre MBE to get a fuller explanation.


Do you have any special projects planned?

We are always planning events, trips and performances through our company The Larondina Dance Company. We are open to any offers and encourage anyone to contact us about any collaborative projects or appearances.